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Discord Launch Soon!

Ostrich Squad

A flourishing and inclusive community which raises awareness about Mental Health and promotes education, conversation and support for everyone

Ostrich Squad Purpose
Our Purpose

The project is aimed towards improving Mental Health awareness through metaverse communities and partnerships with leading Mental Health organisations


Mental Health awareness has improved considerably over the past few years, however communities have paid a lot of attention to raising awareness but have fallen short on what to do about it


It should not stop at simply promoting awareness as plans need to be made and steps taken. This project aims to support those next steps

Like many of us, Ostriches bury their heads in the sand and we need to help each to stop doing the same ourselves. We want to give people the option to use their Ostriches as a symbol that they don't want to bury their heads in the sand as they move around the Metaverse


What are the main benefits of joining the Squad?


Be part of a supportive, charitable & empowering community

Cash Rewards!

100% of all royalties distributed quarterly to owners as dividends

Sandbox Purchase

Land purchased to grant owners exclusive access to connect, play minigames & more

Physical Art

Competition on 100% mint to send 100 holders a physical print of NFT


Access for holders only and all proceeds donated to our charity partners

Community Wallet

10 ETH added to community wallet & board established to oversee investment roadmap

Future Development

Have your own say & vote in the future development of the project


Receive future airdrops that coincide with events and seasonal moments


Q1 2022

Initial Stage
  • Project Creation

  • Establish core team

  • Website & Twitter launch

  • Implement marketing strategy 

Q2 2022

  • Discord launch

  • Launch collaborations

Q3 2022

  • Presale and public mint

  • 10% mint proceeds donated to Charity Partners

  • Establish community wallet with 10 ETH

  • Create advisory board to manage community wallet

  • Launch new quarterly rewards program for Squad holders

  • Make Sandbox purchase

Q4 2022

Utility Launch
  • Launch merchandise on Uniqly with 100% proceeds donated to charity

  • Hold competition to send 100 holders a physical frame print of their NFT

  • First Airdrops sent to holders

  • Release Metaverse event schedule

  • Launch first community-led project from the community wallet

  • Event for World Mental Health Day (10th October)

  • Sandbox community launch


Phase Two
  • Launch further collections

  • Build our own world on NFT Worlds

  • Increase the scale of the quarterly reward program

  • Launch events in line with the Mental Health awareness calendar

  • Continue regular seasonal and Mental Health calendar Airdrops

  • Expand on the community-led projects from the community wallet

  • Engage with more partnerships and collaborations

We want to do more though! We're excited to get the community involved as much as possible, so get those suggestions added on the Discord and we'll reward those who suggest ideas that are successful!


Each member of the Squad is special and unique, but some have rarer traits than others! You'll be able to see which are the rarest with Rarity Sniper

10 Backgrounds

10 Headwear

11 Clothes

11 Neckwear

8 Beaks

14 Fur Colours

11 Feathers

11 Eyes

Charity Partners
Grae Matta Foundation

The Foundation’s vision is for every individual in higher education and the workplace to have access to appropriate mental health support 


The long-term goal is for every individual who requires it to gain access to services without barriers


Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf


It also works to raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health

Mental Health Foundation

Since 1949, the Foundation has been a leading charity for everyone’s mental health


With prevention at the heart of what they do, they aim to address the sources of mental health problems so that people can thrive

Our Team
Ostrich Squad Core Team

James Harrower


Dr Ferron Gray

Mental Health Advisor

Hamad Malick

Lead Artist

James Harrower
Hamad Malick
Dr Ferron Gray
Ostrich Squad Team

Michelle Orchison

Community Manager

Will Hawkins

Mental Health Coach


What is behind the Ostrich Squad?

Ostrich Squad was born with an aim to support better Mental Health and encourage conversation

How many Ostrich Squad NFTs are there?

There are 10,000 NFTs available which are produced from various traits. Sneak peeks on the Discord!

How can I get on the presale list?

By being an active member of the Discord & Twitter communities. More information in the whitepaper

What is the mint price?

The mint price for one Ostrich Squad NFT is 0.05 on presale and 0.06 on public sale

How will the community wallet work?

Following the mint, we'll put 10 ETH into the wallet and create a review board from the community to manage it

What is the charity commitment?

Initially 10% of the collection proceeds go to our charity partners however our roadmap supports beyond this

When will the collection be available?

Presale launches in July 2022 with the public sale immediately after. Exact date to be announced soon!

How can I get an Ostrich Squad NFT?

Once the collection is set live, you can mint them via our website, once sold out they will be available on OpenSea

Will there be any rare ones?

Amongst the 10,000 there will be a very small selection of rare ones produced from some unique traits

Will there really be quarterly cash returns?

Yes! 100% of all the resale royalties will be equally distributed to active Squad holders every quarter

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